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Solar Panels in Modesto, California

A New Wave of Power Needs

As technology evolves, the energy you need changes as well. Technological developments make more and more things possible every day, including technological developments in collecting and storing energy. We’re always looking for advances in energy technology, which is why Modesto Battery now sells solar panels

Energy Directly from the Sun

Solar panels use particles of light from the sun to knock electrons free from atoms, generating electricity. Depending on the size of the solar panels or solar panel fields, they can be used to generate power for the dancing flower on your dashboard or for entire cities.

Our Solar Services

At Modesto Battery, we deal in energy. If you need batteries or cables, we’re your first stop. Now solar panels have joined the ranks of our offerings. Though we do not carry an inventory of solar panels in our store, we will assist you in ordering small solar panels. Our years of experience in the battery industry has given us the experience we need to help you with small-scale solar panels.

Using Our Panels

The small solar panels available through Modesto Battery can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the best applications include RV or motorhome mounts, for charging smaller batteries and for do-it-yourself energy projects. We do not offer roof mounting for any large-scale electrical purposes.

Get in Touch

Talk to your local solar panel providers about the scope of your solar project to find out what products you’ll need. We are happy to help you over the phone, or you can come into our store to get expert service in person.