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How to Prolong the Life Span of Your Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery
Laptop batteries don't last forever, and they often eventually need to be replaced. However, there are ways to prolong your laptop battery's life span. Follow these tips to keep your laptop battery performing well for as long as possible

Protect Your Laptop Battery from Heat

Protecting your laptop battery from being damaged won't necessarily prolong the battery's life, but it will help prevent it from failing prematurely.
While your laptop battery can sustain several different types of damage, like water damage from getting wet or physical damage from being dropped, heat damage is one of the biggest threats to these types of batteries. If your laptop battery becomes too hot, especially if it gets too hot on multiple occasions, it won't be able to hold a charge.
To keep your laptop battery from becoming too hot, be conscious of where you keep your laptop. Some places you shouldn't keep your laptop include:
  • In a car during hot weather
  • On a mantel above a fireplace while a fire is burning
  • Near a heat vent if the heat is on
  • Next to the stove or oven when cooking
  • On an electric blanket that's in use
Room temperatures, even warm room temperatures, won't damage a laptop battery. Anything that produces a high amount of heat, however, could cause nearby temperatures to become too hot for a laptop battery.

Dust Out Your Laptop

To further protect your laptop battery from overheating, it's a good idea to occasionally dust out your laptop.
Many laptops have fans that circulate air through them to keep the interior components cool while the laptop is in use. When dust collects, which it does over time, it interferes with the airflow. A fan eventually isn't able to adequately circulate air after enough dust gathers. Once a laptop reaches this point, it can overheat when it's used regardless of the ambient temperature.
Dusting out a computer is easy if you have a can of compressed air. Simply take a can of compressed air and blow into your laptop's ports and fan. The compressed air is pure air, so it won't damage any components. The flow of it will blow out any dust that's collected in your laptop.

Discharge Your Laptop Battery Periodically

Most laptop batteries today are lithium-ion and lithium-polymer (Li-ion) batteries, which don't require as much attention as older nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries did. NiMH laptop batteries worked best when they were only charged to about 80 percent, and when the charger wasn't left plugged in after the batteries were fully charged.
Li-ion laptop batteries are more advanced, and they can be charged however you like. It's still helpful to occasionally fully discharge them in between charges. You don't have to always let your laptop battery completely discharge before charging it, but you should every once in a while.

Clean Your Laptop Battery's Contacts

Not all laptops made today have removable batteries, but some models still do. If yours has a battery that can be taken out, it can help to clean the battery's contacts. The contacts are the metal parts where the battery connects with your laptop's hardware. Clean contacts help improve efficiency, which ensures your laptop gets as much out of the battery as possible.
To clean your laptop battery's contacts, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Then, gently run the swab over the contacts. Let the contacts dry fully before putting the battery back in place. Since rubbing alcohol is used for cleaning these contacts, drying doesn't take long.
If you do all of these things and still notice your laptop battery's performance diminishing, contact us at Modesto Battery and ask about replacing your laptop battery.