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8 Advantages of Choosing Solar Panels for Your RV

RV with solar panels
While electric outlets are common at most campgrounds, they may not be sufficient when you need to power and charge your RV on an off-grid excursion. Powering your RV with solar panels is an affordable and advantageous way to produce electricity when camping. This guide lists some of the main advantages of choosing small solar panels for your RV. 

1. Solar Is Portable

Solar panels don't have to be mounted to your RV's roof in order for you to enjoy them. In fact, one advantage of not mounting your solar panel is flexibility. Instead of having to move your RV throughout the day as shade blocks the light from the sun, you can move your portable solar panels instead.

2. Solar Is Clean

Clean energy is a result of harnessing the power of the sun. Having solar panels means you won't have to worry about storing extra gasoline or driving around to find more fuel when you're camping in a remote area. You'll have direct access to your fuel source just by moving your solar panel into direct sunlight.

Solar panels are also better for the environment since they don't rely on a depletable energy source like fossil fuels.  

3. Solar Is Quiet

If you've ever had to use a generator during a power outage, then you've probably noticed that generators are notoriously loud. In contrast, solar panels are noiseless. This can be a benefit if you're not trying to draw attention to your RV. Whether you're trying to observe nature or just wanting to enjoy peace and quiet, you won't be bothered by noise.

4. Solar Is Simple 

Solar panels are simple to set up. They're lightweight, and there's no physical exertion required. On the other hand, generators are very heavy and they can be difficult to maneuver around.

5. Solar Is Comfortable

You can witness the wilderness without having to worry about not being able to charge your phone. Solar panels allow you the freedom to travel to remote locations that do have electrical hookups. You won't have to lose out on the comfort and safety of electricity while you camp in the countryside.

6. Solar Is Inexpensive

While both solar panels and gasoline generators both have the initial costs of buying the products upfront, solar energy is cheaper in the long run since you can avoid paying high fuel prices. You won't have any recurring costs since you'll have everything you need from square one.  

7. Solar Is Versatile

You can charge everything from your phone to your refrigerator with solar panels. Small solar panels can be used to heat up a swimming pool, start fires, and cook meals. They can also be used to extend the lifespan of your RV battery.

8. Solar Is Safe

The lifespan of an RV battery has a lot to do with the way the owner uses it. A battery that is always plugged into a campground will have a different lifespan than one that is always parked remotely where electrical hookups aren't around. Solar power gives your battery a long lasting natural charge that can extend battery life.  

Even if you're not interested in traveling through the backwoods or trekking through the wide-open countryside, solar panels can keep you safe in the city. In the event that your RV battery fails, you can recharge it by putting it in the sun and get back on the road without incident.  

To keep your battery functioning optimally, make sure to clean the terminals and spray them with a protective terminal spray to prevent corrosion. Regular maintenance is required to get the most out of your battery. Make sure the connections are tight. Avoid letting the battery charge dip below 10.5 volts.

At Modesto Battery, we care about making your RV experience a safe and well-powered one! Contact our knowledgeable staff about ordering solar panels that will fit your specific needs today. Additionally, we can help you with all your battery questions and needs.